About Us


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Who We Are

Proudly Canadian owned and operated since 2006, Jack Nathan Health Medical is a highly professional and dedicated organization committed to advancing the healthcare industry by bringing patients more convenient access to quality medical services.




What We Do

Jack Nathan Health Medical designs and builds barrier free medical and dental clinics for physicians in high-density centers across the country bringing healthcare closer to communities that may be far from major hospitals.

Through strategic partnerships with some of the brightest physicians across Canada, including many Chief of Staff, Chief of Emergency and emergency room trained physicians from neighboring hospitals, patients receive access to immediate quality care in the communities in which they live.

With a vision to be a leading healthcare provider in medical, dental  improving access to healthcare, creating a patient-centric experience, improving physician productivity and driving efficiencies, lowering the occurrence of adverse drug events and improving patient outcomes.


How We Do It

Jack Nathan Health Medical develops strategic partnerships and delivers complete and operational turnkey clinics to physicians.  In Canada, Jack Nathan Health Medical is proud to partner with Walmart Canada to deliver quality healthcare services and convenience to its customers.  Jack Nathan Health Medical centres are conveniently located inside Walmart Supercentres across Canada, including over 70 full service medical and dental clinics operating in 6 provinces, and growing.  As one of Canada’s largest health systems, currently servicing over 2 million patients each year, Jack Nathan Health Medical  is committed to improving the quality and access to healthcare for Canadians. With 5 million Canadians over the age of 65, the next two decades will see continued accelerated growth, with 1 in 4 Canadians over 65 by 2030. This growth will continue to drive strong demand for convenient access to our primary, walk-in and urgent care facilities located in Walmart Supercentres across Canada.


clinic-jnhWhere We Work

As we continue to cultivate our national clinic strategy in Canada, our innovative model is now expanding to international markets. We are currently piloting our model in China and exploring markets in South America.