Construction Management


  • Preparation of concept designs and drawings based on clients’ design and standards
  • Preparation of estimates, budgets and budget reviews
  • Review construction documents for all aspects of quality, cost efficiency and conformity to ensure clinic design standards are met
  • Submit drawings to the building department for plan review and track progress
  • Contact subcontractors for bidding process
  • Award contracts to qualified subcontracts
  • We utilize various project management tools to ensure timelines are met and results achieved.


  • Coordinate and negotiate all vendor packages and budgets
  • Finalize schedules
  • Review drawings with all the required parties
  • Review current design criteria to establish efficiencies and buying discounts, etc.
  • Coordinate the construction of the project with Walmart project manager, general contractor, and physician group.
  • Perform site visits as required
  • Perform final walk through of space to establish deficiency list with all parties.

Post-Construction Management

  • Walk-through to establish punch list
  • Obtain final inspections and Certificate of Occupancy
  • Preparation and issuance of job ending documentation
  • Summarize project budgets, actual costs and approved change orders