Technology Infrastucture

Network Telecom Services (NTS)

The Jack Nathan Health Medical team has formed a strategic partnership and preferred supplier relationship exclusively with Network Telecom Services (NTS). Network Telecom Services is a Canadian-based information technology and telecommunications solution provider who supplies fast, reliable product and service delivery. After careful review of many service providers, NTS was best-in-class and met all our technology service, support and business needs. Internationally, Jack Nathan Health works with local partners to identify and secure the best suppliers and service providers.

NTS Services Include: NTS Hardware and Infrastructure Package; Telephone Hardware; NTS Network Solutions; Maintenance Support; ZoomMed and Help Desk Services. Some of the benefits of NTS services are:

  • Support from a dedicated account team who understands and responds quickly to your needs.
  • Proven expertise to advise you on all of your information technology requirements.
  • Fast, reliable product and service delivery capabilities.
  • Unparalleled technical support across Canada.
  • Training programs to expand or upgrade your employees’ IT skills
  • Accredited IT resources to augment your IT staffing needs.
  • Help Desk Services & after-hours IT support

Mass Med Media

Jack Nathan Health partners with Mass Med Media who employees certified technicians, providing cross-country servicing, minimizing any technical screen issues. Mass Med Media installs commercial grade HD TV’s and centrally manage content with their proprietary software. Mass Med Media provides 99.9% compliance with real time reporting to strengthen advertising campaign success rates. MMM can also schedule media management by centrally controlling specific content to air at specific times. i.e., peak times, breakfast, lunch, dinner etc. Content can also be broken down by market such as, nationwide, region, province, city etc.