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Discover the Tool Helping Our Patients Normalize Their Blood Sugar, Reset Their Metabolism and Lose Weight For Good

Headed By: Andrea Lombardi, BA (Hons), MBA, BHScPA, CCPA

...Without calorie counting, portion control, daily exercise, or even medications!

We're not going to give the same old advice to stop eating junk food...

Watch the Video Below and In Just 23 Minutes You'll Discover:

  • The SINGLE REASON most weight loss programs work in the short term but fail in the long run

  • The best advancement in blood sugar management since insulin (that is largely underutilized)

  • How this tool is CHANGING THE GAME for individuals with obesity and high blood pressure

  • PLUS - The ONE THING our patients know that prevents them from needing our services again!

Ms. Lombardi is a Canadian Certified Physician Assistant (CCPA) and sought-after expert in the field of metabolism and insulin resistance.

She was recently appointed Head of Metabolic Reset at Jack Nathan Health to launch this exciting new program. In addition to being a clinician, Ms. Lombardi is a fierce patient advocate with a passion for debunking the myths around obesity, pre-and T2 diabetes.

After struggling with, and reversing her own metabolic syndrome, Ms. Lombardi re-focused her career on helping others do the same. She has spent the last decade developing patient education programs to this end. Ms. Lombardi has counselled hundreds of patients with obesity, pre-and T2 diabetes using lifestyle strategies rooted in a data-driven approach.

Program Director: Andrea Lombardi, BA (Hons), MBA, BHScPA, CCPA

Explore the Proven Benefits of Metabolic Reset

Effective Blood Sugar Management

Improved Energy Levels

Improved/Resolved Inflammation, Joint and Arthritis Pain

Improved/Resolved Sleep Apnea

Long-term Weight Loss Solutions

Improved/Normalized Cholesterol Panel

Improved/Resolved Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Improvements in Mood and Anxiety

Improved/Normalized Blood Pressure

Improved/Normalized Liver Enzymes and/or Reversal of Fatty Liver Disease

Improved/Resolved Headaches

Improved/Resolved Menopausal Symptoms

About Metabolic Reset

Clinically Developed and Medically Supervised

For patients in Ontario, Metabolic Reset is medically-supervised with OHIP-covered visits with a physician who will liaise with your family doctor and monitor your labs, discuss medications, and send you for any necessary tests.

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Support & Community

You will meet either virtually or in person with others just like you (each group is limited to 8 people), who are struggling with your same health issues. You are all in the same boat and will walk this journey together, every step of the wayMetabolic Reset is a judgement-free space, we only make room for support and encouragement.

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Your small group sessions are designed for maximum engagement, accountability, and fun! We will try new foods together, and experiment with movement together. We will also plan fun and motivating challenges to complete with your group members, including prizes. We promise you won’t get bored!

Expert Guidance on Eating Strategies & Healthy Habits

At the core of Metabolic Reset are our small group facilitators who have been trained in a wide array of eating and movement strategies and will help you understand how blood sugar is related to metabolic health.  They will teach you how foods and lifestyle factors impact your blood sugar and metabolism in real time. They will meet with you and your group weekly They will get to know you and your lifestyle, to help customize a plan just for you that you can follow for life.


Latest Scientific Advancements

If you are located in Ontario, our physicians will work alongside you to prescribe or deprescribe medications as necessary. Continuous glucose monitors are a cornerstone of Metabolic Reset. Every patient will receive a supply along with expert guidance on how to interpret their blood sugars. No more guessing what will work for you – you will be able to see what is working for you with the data provided by your own continuous glucose monitor.


Patient Insights

Mercedes, Toronto

“I’ve never been this healthy in my entire life [after coming off 3 medications and losing 50 pounds] and it’s all thanks to this program.  It changed my life and was instrumental in making me the best mother I could be for my kids!” 

Diana, Aurora

“I was just diagnosed with T2 diabetes when I found this program, with a HbA1c of 6.5%.  My doctor told me he was going to put me on medication if I didn’t lower it.  By the end of the program my HbA1c was 4.8%, I had lost 15 pounds, and my doctor was beyond thrilled!” 

Norm, Vaughan

“I was diabetic on 3 different medications when I came across this program. By the time it wrapped up, I was off 2 diabetes medications, my blood pressure normalized, and I lost 20 pounds!” 

Deepti, Brampton

“I’ve had T2 diabetes for many years, with multiple medications. Then I entered the pilot program, which helped me come off most of my meds and reverse my T2 diabetes.” 

If you want an effective strategy to normalize your blood sugars and lose weight for good, without the hunger and calorie counting of outdated "diets", than Metabolic Reset is for you!

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