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Improving the Quality + Dignity of Care in a Post-Pandemic World

Connectivity is more important than ever in our modern world. An event like a pandemic can change the way we care for and connect with the most vulnerable among us. The Long-term care home is an example of a situation where individuals can become isolated from loved ones and from high-quality health services. However, Jack Nathan Health's recent acquisition of Writi is good news for residents in long-term care homes, health care workers, and families. Writi gives health care providers the technology to reach patients where they are, and is accessible online via smart phones, tablets and desktop.

When we consider our health and the health of those we love, developing and leveraging the right technology is crucial for positive outcomes. Writi can help deliver healthcare and services that result in better patient outcomes. For over 2 years, Writi has been a leader in the digital health-care arena, and Jack Nathan Health has been an innovator in bringing healthcare to individuals where they need it. From creating access to care through community medical and dental clinics to telemedicine, Jack Nathan Health has committed to bringing high-quality healthcare to those who need it most.

Lessons Learned from a Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic taught us that there must be better ways to address the medical needs of long-term care home residents. Many people watched helplessly as older adults in long-term care homes contracted COVID-19 and suffered without much hope of surviving the infection. Even before the pandemic, staff in long-term care facilities struggled to keep up with their patients' needs. Facilities often have a difficult time keeping qualified staff to provide the basic care, and most lack in-house physicians who can address medical needs quickly.

Thanks to Writi, medical professionals found that they could offer hospital-level health care to patients in long-term care facilities during the pandemic. What healthcare providers have learned from using Writi during the pandemic will help improve the quality and dignity of long-term care in a post-pandemic world.

Manage Health Care in the Cloud

Cloud-based medication management and communication software is one solution to ensure that individuals who are the most vulnerable get timely medical care. Writi is a cloud-based software that handles a wide range of medical and administrative tasks from billing to telehealth visits to helping health care providers reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and increase time spent with patients. With Remote Prescribing, they can directly send prescriptions to a pharmacy most convenient to the patient.

Writi Creates Seamless Workflow

The Writi platform provides the connectivity that health care systems require for a seamless workflow. Digital records and secure communication are two critical features from Writi that can help long-term care facilities increase the capacity to care for residents. In the heavily regulated long-term care industry, Writi is PHIPA and HIPAA compliant. With more than 800 health care professionals and senior care providers using the platform, Writi is a telehealth leader for conventional and long-term care.

Convenient High-Quality Health Services for Long-term Care Residents

Typically, there can be delays in long-term care patients seeing a doctor. However, with Writi, a resident's doctor can conduct telehealth visits from any place with an Internet connection. Doctors can check in with patients or staff anytime from a computer, smartphone, or tablet. When it is necessary for a long-term care resident to see a doctor for a routine checkup, transporting them to a medical office is may not be required. Waiting for a doctor to visit the facility to assess a resident’s medical condition can be avoided because Writi brings together a doctor and resident care givers with one click. Long-term care home staff can obtain and record vital signs and send them to the doctor before a telehealth visit, allowing the provider more time to assess a patient's condition.

Easy Access to Specialists for Residents in Long-Term Care Homes

Long-term care home residents with special medical needs can have health issues assessed and treated through the Writi platform. Doctors and Nurse Practitioners can perform virtual checkups and prescribe medications remotely, ensuring timely care for residents

Writi: The Solution for Cost-Effective Care

Several long-term care homes have already seen the advantages of using Writi. Over a brief period, fifteen long-term care facilities and 1,598 residents have benefited from the Writi platform. Jack Nathan Health expects more long-term care homes to explore Writi as a way to implement telehealth. The efficiency of digital medical records, managing medications, providing easy access to care for patients, and managing administrative tasks can improve patient care. Jack Nathan Healthcare believes that Writi has endless possibilities for long-term care and other remote care settings. LTC facilities that use Writi will not only find that they will be able to provide high-quality and efficient care; they save time and money by offering telehealth services.

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