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The Official Jack Nathan Health Corporate Video

We are proud to present our official corporate video! 

Jack Nathan Health is revolutionizing healthcare, with a retail model that provides easy access and a patient-first experience across multiple sites. 

In this video, you’ll hear from members of the Jack Nathan Health leadership team about how the company — with its multi-disciplinary clinics that offer all the conveniences and time-saving value afforded by locations within Walmart stores — is delivering on its promise to help patients live their best lives. 

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Explore our website,, to learn more about clinic features, patient services, physician opportunities, and to find a Jack Nathan Health clinic near you.


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I followed Jack Nathan Health on their social media. I'm impressed by their innovative Buildnow GG approach to healthcare and their commitment to patient-centered care.


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With a retail strategy that prioritizes the needs of the patient and offers convenient access across several locations, Jack Nathan Health is redefining the healthcare industry. doodle jump


240+ Clinics Across Canada and Mexico

*Located Inside Walmart® Stores

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